Advocates Want Driver’s LIcenses For Undocumented NJ Residents

By Phil Gregory, WBGO News

Advocates are urging New Jersey to follow the lead of 11 other states and grant driving privileges to undocumented residents.
Udi Ofer, the executive director of the Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, says the right to drive a car should not be conditioned on immigration status.
“Doing so causes thousands of New Jerseyans to have to make daily decisions about either failing to meet their basic needs such as buying food, going to the doctor’s office, or dropping off kids in school or driving without a license and risking arrest.”
Chia-Chia Wang with the American Friends Service Committee says allowing undocumented residents to get a driver’s license will improve safety. “The drivers will get insured and also they will have to pass road tests. It will increase safety for everyone on the road.”
Erika Nava with New Jersey Policy Perspective says granting driving privileges to about a half million undocumented residents in the state would also help New Jersey’s economy.
“The state would generate at least five million in license fees. About 209 million will be generated in insurance premium payments. It will also be able to hold insurance payments down because more people will be in the insurance pool.”
Assembly Speaker Vinnie Prieto says it’s a concept he’s been considering, but he wants to learn how other states are doing it before posting a bill for a vote.

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