Africa: To Improve Africa’s Security Environment Through Sincere Cooperation

How to make positive contribution to peace and stability in Africa tests the sincerity and political wisdom of a country in conducting cooperation with Africa. As good friend, good partner and good brother, China will continue to be committed to improving Africa’s security environment.

In recent years, some obvious achievements have been made in the overall security situation in Africa, but some factors of instability are also on the rise. Old problems such as unnatural regime changes, sectarian and religious conflicts and border disputes are still there. Non-traditional security threats such as the proliferation of small weapons, piracy, and terrorism are surging. Turmoil in North Africa has brought about new challenges to African security. How to make positive contribution to peace and stability in Africa tests the sincerity and political wisdom of a country in conducting cooperation with Africa.

In an interview with Foreign Policy, Nhial Deng Nhial, foreign minister of South Sudan said that China played a key role in facilitating an oil agreement between North and South Sudan. “Such an agreement would have been impossible without China’s vigorous efforts.” Behind the sincere gratitude lie China’s diplomatic efforts for the peaceful solution of disputes between North and South Sudan. China has maintained good relations with both countries.

Since the breakout of constant disputes concerning the distribution of oil interests, and even armed conflicts, China has been working on relevant parties in various ways to urge the two sides to proceed from the fundamental interests of people of the two countries and the big picture of regional stability, to demonstrate political courage and sincerity and to accommodate each other’s concerns in order to solve the problems properly through negotiations. China has played a positive role in easing the situation and facilitating progress in the negotiations, which has been widely recognized by North and South Sudan and the international community.

China has always been a supporter of African peace and stability. In recent years, as China-Africa relations develop and China’s comprehensive national strength rises, China has been more constructively involved in peace and security affairs of Africa. The Chinese government appointed special envoys on African affairs in 2007 who were involved in negotiating and solving conflicts concerning Sudan, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and Cote d’Ivoire and between Ethiopia and Eritrea. China has provided humanitarian assistance to Mali and other conflict regions, thus playing a positive role in solving and keeping under control hot-spot issues in Africa.

China supports the leading role of the African Union in peace and security affairs of Africa. Since 2005, China has provided material and cash assistance to the best of its ability to peace-keeping activities in Darfur of Sudan and Somalia. It has also increasingly enhanced support and cooperation with the African Union and relevant sub-regional organizations in combating terrorism. At the 5th Ministerial Meeting of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held in July this year the “Initiative on China-Africa Cooperative Partnership for Peace and Security” was announced to deepen China-AU cooperation on peace and security.

China is actively involved in the UN’s peace-keeping activities in Africa. Chinese naval vessels are protecting security in the Gulf of Aden and the waterways of Somalia. China has always maintained communication and coordination with African countries in the United Nations and other international arena, accommodated and safeguarded the interests and concerns of African countries and held just positions and performed full obligations in solving hot-spot issues in Africa.

It is China’s consistent view that security and development in Africa are interrelated and that development must be pursued through peace and vice versa. China-Africa trade, investment and industrial cooperation have to a certain extent facilitated modernization, and especially industrialization in African countries. China’s continuous investment in African infrastructure has improved the investment environment of Africa and made Africa’s economic development more sustainable.

China’s increased assistance and debt relief for Africa have led to more international attention and support for Africa’s development. China-Africa cooperation has vigorously promoted economic and social development of Africa, brought tangible benefits to the African people and laid a solid foundation for lasting peace and stability in Africa.

Due to historical and practical reasons, peace and stability in Africa still face severe challenges, which determine whether Africa can realize the Millennium Development Goals at an early date. It is imperative that the international community continue to pay attention to and give support for peace and development in Africa. As good friend, good partner and good brother, China will, as always, be committed to improving Africa’s security environment.

– People’s Daily



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