Africa: Trouble Befalls South Africa As Uganda Says Goodbye to BBA 8

By Tiwonge Ndau, 10 June 2013

Lilongwe — There was sense of sadness in the Big Brother house yester night as the host of Big Brother, The Chase; IK announced that South African Koketso and Ugandan LK4 have been evicted from the game.

South African Koketso from the Rubies house was nominated by Ghanaian Selly who is currently Head of the House in the Rubies.

In the other hand, Ugandan LK4 was nominated by Nigeria’s Melvin, HoH for Diamond.

LK4’s eviction from the house means that it is the end of the road for Uganda since both of its representatives, Denzel who was booted out just after one week of the show and LK4 who saw his fate yester night are out of the competition.

South Africa also has a lot to work on since one of its representatives; Koketso is nothing but history in the show.

This indicates that South Africa is only remaining with one representative, Angelo, who according to views across Africa has not been doing much in the game.

Apart from Koketso and LK4, other housemates who were nominated are Feza from Tanzania, Dillish from Namibia and Hakeem from Zimbabwe.

Among the nominated ones only Tanzanian Feza, Namibian Dillish and Zimbabwe’s Hakeem have survived the chop.

So far, four housemates have been evicted from the house, Ugandan Denzel, Kenyan Huddah, South Africa’s Koketso and another Ugandan arm, LK4.

All eyes are now focusing on who will be the next housemates to be nominated this week.

With Ghanaian Selly and Nigeria’s Melvin as the heads of the two houses this week, it’s likely that Ghana and Nigeria will be safe from Nomination.

Source: Malawi News Agency (Lilongwe)

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