Allotey Jacobs must tell Ghanaians what killed President Mills

By Kofi Ayim

The Central Regional Chairman of the ruling NDC party in Ghana, Mr. Allotey Jacobs has pointed out that he is among the only four people who know exactly what killed Ghana’s former President John Evans Atta Mills. According to him, the others are Dr Cadman Atta Mills, Sammy Atta Mills brother and son respectively of the deceased president and longtime bodyguard ASP Adadei. Events leading to the death of President John Atta Mills and the autopsy have been shrouded in secrecy by the government. As a sitting president and therefore the number one public servant, Ghanaians in particular and the world at large expected the government to provide more information on the death of the president and/or release the autopsy. The lack of transparency on the part of the government has therefore validated suspicion of foul play held by many Ghanaians. Others speculate that he might have died of an infectious disease that could embarrass the country and Ghanaians. Allotey Jacob’s disclosure comes as a result of posters that appeared at the Cape Coast sports stadium and other locations in the city demanding the truth about late President Mills’ death. In his attempt, therefore to absolve President Mahama from any suspicions of involvement in the death of his quondam boss, he claims that he knows exactly what killed President Mills.

In any country Mr. Jacobs would be invited by the appropriate investigative body for questioning and further probe into his statement. In fact after more than half a century of the death of President J. F. Kennedy of the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is still on the lookout for any further information on who killed the former president. Allotey Jacobs deserves to be invited by the appropriate investigative organ of state, namely the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) for further clarification of his statement. After all late President Mills’ own brother Cadman Mill together with Sam Atta Mills, the late president’s son have stated publicly what killed their relative. Mr. Jacobs’ latest statement indicates that he knows a lot more than those three persons he mentions as among those who know what felled the former president. Jacob’s pronouncement must therefore not be taken as mere political rhetoric. The government is damned if it does not pursue the clue and lead given by one of its ruling party apparatchiks. Events, it must be remembered, do not happen in isolation and Mr Allotey Jacobs must be made to tell Ghanaians and the world how President Mills died. The mysterious death of a sitting president, and the claim of knowing exactly how he died is far more serious and important than any of the recent controversial pronouncements in the immediate past. Allotey Jacobs does not make secret of his close relationship with President Mills and so must know what he’s talking about, and must therefore be made to divulge everything he knows. In any case, what caused the death of President Mills, can never be locked away.

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