An African immigrant runs for political office in Newark

By Kofi Ayim

Mr. Dosso Kassimou, Chair of the African Commission, City of Newark is running for Councilman-at-Large. The affable and conspicuous community leader known in the corridors of Newark’s City Hall is the first African immigrant in recent history in Newark to contest a City Hall position. Mr. Kassimou said he wants to help turn the City of Newark around for the better because “what is going on currently is unacceptable”.
Drawing from his experience as the Chair of the African Commission, Dosso Kassimou contends that he is in a position to access the blight and plight of the ordinary Newarker and help fix it.   Critics and observers believe it is a natural thing for Dosso Kassimou to graduate from the Chair of the African Commision to the chambers of City Hall.  The native Ivorian is convinced no one can serve the interest of Africans in Newark best, except themselves, hence his resolve to take up the challenges by getting involved. He said when given the nod, he would work hard with interested parties to harness the hopelessly  fragmented African community into a viable force. Mr. Kassimou pointed out that he would be an advocate for the downtrodden and facilitate more constructive dialogue between Africans and the greater Newark community.
In an exclusive interview with this writer about three years ago, Mr. Kassimou urged fellow Africans to get involved in the processes within the communities they live. He challenged Africans to wake up to the call to be part of the solution to the mounting problems wherever they live.  He said even though Africans are amongst the most educated immigrant communities in the U.S. “our positions in places do not reflect that. Besides, we have a lot to offer in terms of culture and human resources.”   He opined that the best thing that ever happened to Africans in Newark was the creation of the Commission, a brainchild of former Newark Mayor Cory Booker. The Commission was created in 2008 as part of the Mayor’s Office in city government to empower and recognize the contributions of Africans.
Mr. Kassimou holds a double Masters’ degree and  is currently pursuing a PhD at Seton Hall University, New Jersey.  A fundraising dinner for his campaign is being held December 20, at the Crown Plaza Hotel, near Newark Liberty International Airport.

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