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Women March Against Gender-Based Violence

by RAEL OMBUOR Hundreds of Kenyan women and activists took to the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa on Friday, marching against gender-based violence and the lack of punishment for its perpetrators. The demonstrators, many wearing white T-shirts and purple and red ribbons, called on the government to develop an action plan to prevent violence against […]

Are NPP MPs Anti- Democratic or Insane?

by KOFI ATA | CAMBRIDGE, UK Last week, I read about a constitutional amendment to be submitted at the Extra-Ordinary Delegates’ Conference of the ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) to exclude party members in the Diaspora from contesting national executive positions. The proposal was strongly opposed by the Diaspora branches and as this matter was of interest to me, though not a member of the […]

Illegal Mining in Ghana: Genocidal or Just Destructive?

by Kwabena Opong and Kofi Ayim Since the 15th century gold has been a major export from Ghana, a country that was aptly named the Gold Coast by the first Europeans who stepped on its shores. Indeed Edina in the Central Region of the country, the first port of call of the Portuguese in 1492 […]

Ghanaians defy powerful China to end illegal mining

Ghana’s verdant forests and farming lands as well as river bodies that feed the West African nation in diverse ways have over the past decade or so been devastated by the scourge of mining for gold, mostly illegal and known in local parlance as galamsey a corrupt form for the English phrase “gather them and […]

Visa delays impede investments in Ghana – US Ambassador

The US Ambassador to Ghana, Robert Jackson, has cited the high cost of air travel and the undue delays in visa acquisition as two major challenges for foreign businessmen who wish to invest in Ghana. According to him, the development has compelled most investors to divert attention to other countries within the sub-region as businesses […]

Immigrants bring energy and innovation to the U.S. – Dr. Essien

by Kofi Ayim Dr. Victor Essien, a Ghanaian attorney in New York City has pointed out that immigrants bring energy and innovation to the U.S. He made this observation Ghana@60 celebrations organized, for the first time, by the New York City Council. Buttressing his assertion with success stories of first generation Ghanaian inventors and innovators […]

Akonedi: Priesthood not by inheritance

By Kofi Ayim, Larteh Akuapem Nana Abena Asi, the current high priestess of the Akonedi Shrine in Larteh, Akuapem has said that occupancy at the topmost position is not necessarily a family succession of inheritance. Citing her own experience in an unscheduled chit-chat bare-it-all with this writer on January 18, 2017, Nana Abena Asi said […]

The Fake Prophets Are Turning Ghana Into Laughing-Stock!

by Bernard Asubonteng No doubt, several “end-times” fake prophets in Ghana today insisting their prophecies come directly from God are subjecting the country to international ridicule. The self-anointed prophets parading as true messengers of God are nothing more than religious con artists, who have self-taught themselves about the rudiments of behavioral psychology. For some reasons, […]

Boko Haram food crisis demands cooperation and accountability

by Mausi Segun Snatched schoolgirls and suicide bomb blasts have long been the enduring images of Nigeria’s Boko Haram conflict. But now the violence is represented by thousands of new faces: those of starving children. Scenes like these haven’t been seen here since the 1967-70 war with secessionist Biafra. As many as 4.5 million people […]

NDC mocks Nana Addo and the NPP with a casket

by Kofi Ayim When the NDC met at Sunyani on September 17 to launch its 2016 campaign manifesto, the main “attraction” at the event was the carrying of a coffin bearing the images of main opposition leader Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo. Coffins or caskets carry the ominous image of death, or a finality to […]