Give a woman the chance – Konadu Agyemang Rawlings

Former First Lady of Ghana, Nana Agyemang Konadu Rawlings, has asked Ghanaians to trust Ghana in the hands of a woman. She said men have been tried and tested in leadership positions and it is high time women assumed the helm of affairs and turn people’s lives around for the better. Mrs. Agyemang Rawlings made this comment in answer to a question about the readiness of Ghana and Ghanaians for a female President in a telephone chat with Amandla on July 7. She pointed out that Ghana is made up of about 52% females and opined that women and children suffer most in contemporary Ghana. A qualified female president would be more accommodating and sensitive to the plight of the down trodden. She added that Ghana is collapsing and expressed fear that with the reelection of the incumbent President John Mahama, the country will do just that. “I dread to see the country collapse,” she lamented. She advised Ghanaians to be wary of last minute pretenses by the government to fulfill certain promises, because they may go unanswered post-election. She believes the livelihood of Ghanaian people will only get worse with the reelection of President Mahama and furthermore says a National Democratic Party (NDP) government will go above and beyond to recruit qualified and sensitive Ghanaians willing and ready to sacrifice to turn the country around. “It’s not about the NDP, but about Ghana,” she remarked with emphasis.

Answering a question on a possible merger with other political parties in opposition, she remarked that the NDP would be open to alliance with other parties, should the need arise for a second round of the presidential elections. This would not necessarily be “just to win elections” but to salvage Ghana from its current economic hardships. Lots of things are going haywire in the country, and we need to get back on our feet, she inferred. The “Iron Lady” of Ghanaian politics hedged and refused to to give her express opinion about President Mahama and the “Fordgate” affairs. However, she pointed out that in light of the current day-to-day struggles of many Ghanaians, it may not be at the forefront of the average citizen’s mind. She indicated that people get away with all sorts of crimes because of lack of interest from the populace that is more fixated on obtaining the basic needs of existence. She minced no words on the threat to some Supreme Court judges by two Ghanaians on a local radio station in Accra, Ghana. She said people must own up to their pronouncements and suggested the books should be thrown fully at the alleged culprits if proven guilty. She lamented that the threat was a cumulative episode brought about by the breakdown of social order in the country. For years now younger folks have insulted and threatened Presidents and kings, rich and poor, the sick and healthy with impunity, yet the powers that be and the influential ones in the country stood aloof. As a result, the insults have now become an acceptable norm, she insinuated. The First Lady philosophized that those that insult most may have forgotten where they come from and do not know where there are going, nor how they will get to their destination. Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings would not commit to “trust” Ghana’s Electoral Commission because “trust,” according to her, is a serious word. She instead hopes the EC is not being dictated to, and would rather it does it work honestly in the interest of Ghana, without fear or favor.

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