Give back to the community – GAMA cries out

by Kofi Ayim

The Ghanaian Association for Medical Aid (GAMA), has challenged the Ghanaian community in the U.S. to give to the community from which they came and in which they reside. Dr. Andrew Baddoo,  Nephrologist and President of GAMA in a welcome address threw the challenge at the 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner Dance of GAMA held December 19, 2015 at the Clinton Manor, Union New Jersey. He re- minded the packed house to be cognizant of the fact that most are “better off than the majority of people in this planet,” and that “we don’t take our blessings for granted. “ “Let’s volunteer our time and services to help others; I challenge you all to volunteer to give back.” he added. He urged Ghanaians to take a break from their busy schedules to volunteer their services for a good cause because giving back is not just altruistic, but there are some inherent intangible benefits within.
Dr. Baddoo pointed out that through symposia, forums, and clinics, GAMA has been able to educate people who otherwise did not know they are diabetic and/or have high blood pressure and other health conditions. Such patients, he remarked are directed to appropriate health centers and medical facilities. It also educates people on preventive and nutrition health. Plans are in the pipeline for a working healthcare service to the underserved in Ghana. To this end Dr. Baddoo called for support in bringing good, free healthcare to the small towns and villages in Ghana. “Your support will allow us to provide medication and buy various instruments for the people.”
In a fundraising message, Dr. A. Zachary Yamba reiterated Dr. Bad- doo’s call for support and urged all around to donate generously for a good course.
The three-year old GAMA is a non- profit entity of dedicated healthcare providers and other professionals that seek to educate the community through forums, symposiums, health fairs, and presentations. It has thus far held events for community organizations, religious bodies and civic groups. It provides services not only to the Ghanaian community in New Jersey, but to other communities as well and beyond New Jersey.

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