Linda Jumah supports Ras Baraka

Linda Jumah, Newark’s South Ward District Leader has expressed her support for Newark City Councilman and Mayoral Candidate Ras Baraka. Below is the e-mail sent to Amandla:
Newark is a very diverse city. It is an International City as Ras Baraka likes to call it. People from all over the continent have migrated into Newark and made it their home. We are all Newarkers.
Our presence has been recognized and continues to grow through our community events and involvement in Newark. The late Honorable Donald Nana Kofi Tucker who was instrumental in establishing the sister city relationship with Kumasi,Ghana recognized the importance of the solidifying the growing Newark African relationship. After his untimely passing there has been a void between city government and the African community. Councilman Ras Baraka has since begun to fill that void .
Councilman Baraka has been a visible and vocal supporter of the African community. He is the visionary behind the historic street naming of Ghanaian Way. He has sponsored and supported multiple traditional African events while serving as Councilman. As principal at Central High School he embraced all students. Often times encouraging students of African descent to embrace their rich culture. Flags of various nations can be seen hanging in the halls of the school because of his leadership. As mayor he is proposing an Office of Immigrant Services to help immigrants navigate municipal services.
He is a true leader. His commitment is not tied to whether you can vote for him. He is committed to ensuring that all Newark residents have proper representation. Because he understands that we are what makes Newark a beautiful diverse international city. Ras Baraka as mayor of Newark means a voice in city hall for all Newarkers. On May 13, 2014 let’s help elect a leader that is for all of Newark.

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