Meet Ras Miracle: the Up & Coming Reggae Maestro in Ghana

Early life and career
Ras Miracle (né Francis Damson) was born in Accra, Ghana on February 4th, 1976 to Emmanuel Kwamina Dampson and Auntie Esi. Emmanuel Kwamina Dampson is a Fante born from Winneba in the Central region. At the young age of 10, he developed an intense interest for music.
Ras Miracle developed his love of music while at Community 8 No. 3 Primary and Junior High School. At the age of 17, his parents began to recognize their son’s talent and ambition and gave him the necessary support to explore his musical career. Growing up, Ras Miracle conducted rehearsals behind his parents house every evening, primarily practicing his vocals as he didn’t yet play any instruments. Ras Miracle’s mother (Auntie Esi) played an important part in developing her son’s vocal harmonies, but more importantly, she began teaching him how to instrument—thereby creating the bedrock that would later allow Ras Miracle to construct some of the biggest-selling reggae songs in the history of Ghana

Ras Miracle 2010–2015:
In May 2010, Ras Miracle recorded his first song, “African Woman,” which preaches against the killing and defiling of women in Africa. This song took over the airwaves for a couple of months.

Following this hit, Ras Miracle came out with other songs such as “Better Africa” and “Rastafari” in 2012.
Ras Miracle was a member of the

Rastafari Movement for some years, and this culture was a key element in the development of reggae in Ghana. Though he was raised as a

Methodist, Ras Miracle became interested in Rastafarian beliefs in 2001, eventually becoming a convert. Ras Miracle became an ardent proponent of the movement, trying to move reggae music into the socially deprived areas of Ghana. He once gave the following response, which was typical, to a question put to him during an interview at Meridian 100.5 FM in Tema by Ebenezer Odeneho Kwasi Okyere (a.k.a Papacy): Interviewer: “Can you tell the people what it means being a Rastafarian?”
Ras Miracle: “I would say to the people, be still, and know that His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia is the Almighty. Now, the Bible seh so, Babylon newspaper seh so, and I and I the children seh so. Yunno? So I don’t see how much more reveal our people want. Wha’ dem want? A white God, well God come black. True true.”
After a decade of releasing songs throughout WEst Africa and being a pioneer in the reggae movement within Ghana, Ras Miracle was dubbed The Reggae Ambassador in November 2013. Future hits include “Ghana Mbaa” (2014) and “Let Jah be Praise and Pretty Girl.” (2015) As can be heard through his music, he is a strong believer in the unity of African people across the diaspora.
He has two children, Zaphanath Paneah Miracle Dampson and Ivan Sumina Dampson, and is an avid fan of boxing.

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