PIRATES OF AFRICA | A Scintillating new Afrijam music

When it comes to music, it is certainly an African summer! Toby Foyeh and Orchestra Africa have added to the scene with their latest album, Pirates of Africa. This is their 4th CD release and is long anticipated after their last album release, Lagos Ilu Eko, in 2006. 

Toby Foyeh, né Tokunbo Olowofoyeku, is a Nigerian artist and guitarist. He was born in London, England of Nigerian parents and is currently based in USA. While he is largely a self trained musician, he did study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He also has a degree in Film Directing from Howard University in Washington DC.

Toby Foyeh and Orchestra Africa are known for their Afrijam sound, a style of guitar based modern African music using Nigerian Yoruba music. This powerful sound is certainly present in Pirates of Africa. The 9 track project is full of feel-good music, with every single instrument played & recorded live – there is no computer assistance or synthesizing. The authentic sounds remind us of the original afrobeat and highlife genres. Foyeh has been creating music since 1981 and his expertise and talent shows throughout the album. Guitar, talking drums, horns and pure vocals, the CD automatically transfers you to a familiar place, perhaps a chop bar in Lagos or beachside on a clear night in Accra. 

The artist says Pirates of Africa is about ‘the modern day African in the global society and how Africans now find themselves in all corners of the globe. It is about the new global experience, how it started in Africa and how many of the world’s music is rooted in African rhythms.’   The songs touch a variety of themes. From the love song ‘Ife Oh’ which details the story of two people falling in love to the party song ‘Afro Beat Night Music’ that honors the afrobeat sound, there’s a little something for everyone. Toby Foyeh also addresses socio-political issues on the album, namely the relationship between citizens and police, both in Africa and America, on the track ‘Olopa,’ which means police. This is a CD you can play front to back this summer and beyond! The album can be purchased online at https://kameleonafricamusic.com/product/pirates-of-africa-cd/

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